The Sorceress of Atunluck

By Aaron D. Hall


About the book


 Zeffa is a young human girl who grows up in the war-torn Leidan Islands. One evening, perched high on the cliffs of Atunluck, Zeffa awaits her father’s return from a military expedition. The sea becomes hostile as her father’s ship approaches, and before it can reach the safety of Atunluck Harbor, it capsizes. Everyone onboard is lost. Zeffa is heart stricken, but her fellow villagers are strangely at ease.


Unbeknownst to Zeffa, she used a “Neal light,” a powerful mage’s tool, to brighten the darkening skies so she could see her father’s ship. She may be the only human alive who has the gift of magic. But in order to develop it and save her people from the tyranny of the Flintermond, a barbaric race of dark elves, she must leave her beloved home to become a sorceress in another land. Magic grows strong within her, but the obstacles she encounters are overwhelming. As death confronts her at every turn, she wonders whether she will ever see her homeland again.





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