Togiak, Alaska 1999-2000


The airport in Dillingham, Alaska; the hub of 8 nearby villages, including Togiak.

Togiak is a 30 minute flight by prop-plain from Dillingham.  Togiak appears as a white blur along the cost in this photo.

Gravel roads connect the houses, and go a mile out of town.  There are no roads connecting Togiak with the rest of the world.

The Slue protects boats from being dragged out to sea.  Seasonal fishing is the primary source of income for many Yup'ik families.

A hilltop covered with berry bushes 30 minutes by skiff up the Togiak River

A relaxing stroll to the bay.

During low tide, skiffs are stranded in deep mud.

High tide gives the only access in or out of the bay.

Barges bring fuel and other provisions needed to make it through the long winter.

Walrus is a popular meat among the Yup'ik Eskimos.  However, outsiders usually think it is a tough, smelly food.

Yup'ik kids entertain themselves by sliding onto the frozen bay.

The bay completely freezes, allowing snow machines to travel across it.

The Togiak School before winter sets in.

The Togiak School after winter sets in.

Winters are so cold that cabin fever gets the best of everyone.

The playground illustrates the depth of the snow.

The bay starts to melt.  Spring is here.

The high salt content of the water rapidly melts the bay.



Melt-off floods the town. 

The ground is still too frozen to absorb the water.